RYVAL HOOPS 60″ Phenom X660


The Phenom X series Clearview glass backboard eliminates the backboard frame out of the shooting square, giving it the arena/gym like look.

The X660 has the right blend of size, player features and price, making  it one of our most popular goals.

No additional accessories to purchase, it comes ready to play with backboard edge, pole & gusset padding. Adjustable range down to 7.5”, where younger players can work on proper shooting technique with lower rim height.



Tempered Glass Backboard: 60″ x 38″ x ⅜”
Pole Size: 6″ x 6″
Steel Thickness: 11 Gauge
Protective Undercoat: Electroplated Zinc
Finish Coating: Premium Powder Coat Paint
Hardware: XXL Stainless Steel
Rim: Heavy Duty Flex Rim w/Double Spring, w/ProTube Net Connector
Adjustable Range: 7.5′ – 10′
Overhang: 2.5′
Warranty: Lifetime
Weight: 357 lbs.

Pole & Gusset Padding ($129 value)
Backboard Edge Padding ($129 value)
Elec. Zinc Rust Protection ($99 value)
Pro XL Stainless Steel Hdwr ($100 value)